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big story today is the heat. the code red heat alert again today. temperatures will be soaring in maryland. a heatwave is blustering a big chunk of the mid section of the country with temperatures over 100 prompting a major warning. it's going to be miserable again today. >> all right. good morning. i am charlee crowson. here's megan pringle but this is justin berk because with the oppressively high temperatures, people want to know what they can do to stay cool. >> i don't think you want to see me because i got stuff you don't want to hear. we have got five days at least to deal with this which takes us through the end of the weekend. it's not only the heat or the humidity. it's the dew point. that temperature is above 70. once we get above that point, it's uncomfortable. once dew point levels reach above 75 it's oppressive. and that's the level where we condifference and saturate the atmosphere and that's what we are looking for. the heat index will be 105 to
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115 for rest of the week. fallston had overnight storms at 69. 70 towson and westminster and 74 glen burnie with a 78 heat index. our future radar highlighting the fact we could develop midday and early afternoon thunderstorms. we will try to track this one and let you know how hot it will get for the rest of the week coming up. tonya has a look at the traffic. >> reporter: 50 west at the bay bridge, a disabled vehicle in the right lane. we are doing okay westbound through parole and 97 northbound no problems to report. this is 95 north of 195 on the southwest side. no incidents to report. the volume is running southbound to the right of your screen right now. the incidents that we have right now, 95 southbound past the toll plaza, that disabled tractor trailer is out of the road at this time. falls road closed between 41st and union avenue due to serious fire activity there. look out for flashing lights and a water main break with repairs west franklin at academy road. >> thanks. it's a minute after 6. all
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new, gunfire left a city police officer shot. gunfire broke out after 11:30 last night in the 1100 block of cooks lane right near edmonton avenue. this is the map of the area we are talking about. linda so is live at police headquarters with the latest on what happened and the officer's condition. linda. >> reporter: well, we are glad to report the officer was treated and released for shock- - from shock trauma. he was grazed by the bullet in the hip in the southwest district in a row home community. the 24-year-old officer was responding to a call for a domestic dispute. he got out of his patrol car andstarted to interview some people when he heard several gunshots go off e looked down and saw he-- he looked down and saw he was grazed in the hip. he didn't fire shots in return and it's unclear who shot at him, if it was people involved in the domestic dispute. there are no suspects or moat ies. the cop is a five-year
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veteraand 24 years old a and works out of southwest district patrol section. if you know anything about the shooting and who may have fired off the shots, call the police homicide section. the number is 410-396-2100. we are live at city police headquarters linda so, abc2 news. it's one thing to try to beat the heat but it's exteemly important to recognize when the hot weather is getting the best of you. centers force disease control classifies heat exhaustion as milder form of heat related illness. it's the body's response to the excessive loss of water and salt contained in sweat. the body's temperature rises rapidly and the sweating mechanism fails. doctors say that one of the ways to decrease the risk is to pay attention to what your body is telling you. >> in the wintertime we hear wind chiles and 13 degrees out with wind chill factor at 0. same with the heat if it's
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humid. the sunset you have the heat temperatures they are higher and you have to consider how long you want to exposure self. >> doctors say medications and alcohol can also cause the body to heat up faster than normal. nbc -- abc2 is working for you and we are helping to keep your pets cool. veterinarians offer three tips to keep the pets cool. don't leave them in the car. if you think the sidewalk is hot on your feet, imagine how it feels on their paws. also, watch out for the black top as well. we know the warning signs like heavy panting, staggering with the pets or overall weakness. abc2 is your source for extensive coverage. when ever things get hod, go to -- hot, go to the website and look up latest on the code red heat alert. you can scroll down and click on the special report regarding hot weather guide. it's four minutes after six. there's been a wave of drowningsand rescues here in
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the state of maryland in the waters. and this summer, it kept the natural resource dive team busy. they train a lot and actually consist of 12 divers that train once a month to stay ready. one of the most vilate pieces -- be vital pieces of equipment is side scan sonar a 50,000 dollar peeves equipment that can cut the rescue or search time from days down to hours. maryland has 13 boat related deaths and drownings this year so far. former baltimore ravens quarterback and espn analyst kordell stewart pled guilty to driving with an expired license, speeding and saying this arrest in may outside atlanta was one of the most embarrassing moments in his life e played in the nfl for 11 seasons. am bc2 is working for you and -- abc2 is work for you and you community. have you -- working for you
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andyour community. have you run across something in your neighborhood that you wish someone would take care of? sometimes it makes you and your family feel particularly unsafe and we are here to help. called click to fix. our story came to us from kathy edwards. she lives in west arlington in northwest baltimore. this house is up next to hers and has been a thorn in the side of the community for years. it's a wreck falling in on itself with windows broken out and a yard that is a disaster. they tried dealing with the owner and the city to get this matter resolved. both with few results. >> i am tired of it. we moved here and built our house from the ground up and look at this. >> it's an eyesore to the owners on both sides of it, and it's an eyesore to the community. it's a disgrace to the community and to baltimore city at large. >> tune in tonight for abc2 news at 11 of the we will go to
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west arlington to hear from neighborhood and city leaders showing you what's being done about this eyesore located at 4114 penhurst. and find out how to report problems you experience in your communities. again, it's click to fix right here on abc2 news. seven minutes after six. a mayor company called honest tea tried to see how generous people were by asking for a donation for the drink. the company officials put it to the test yesterday in grant park in chicago. visitors had to a decision to make. take the tea and run for free or you can donate a buck. it's on an honor system. honest tea is doing the test in 11 different cities. one of the main results of the study is that people are basically honest. a country in debt, lawmakers without an agreement. >> yeah. it's enough to say that everyone right now remains on edge. some people say they are going over the eng. -- shall eng -- edge.
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hello, everybody. i wanted to give -- >> the proposal the white househas come up with and why this may be a dead issue when it reaches the senate. and a new report this morning when it comes to women and birth control. what an organization is saying that women should not have to do to receive that little pill. heat and humidity in some parts of the country massive flooding in others. how people are coping but first up to new york for a look at the business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, a good day for the u.s. markets thanks to strong profit reports and a glimmer of hope in the debt talks. dow posted the best day of the year yesterday gaining more than 200 points. and the rally could continue today after the closing bell. apple astound analyst with another surge of earnings. aim has 78 billion dollars -- apple has 78 billion dollar in the bank. american airlines is placing a large order for hundreds of new
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aircraft that are more fuel efficient and could be worth 37 billion dollars and could put pressure on other airlines to upgrade their fleet. the center for science in the public interest is bestowing the annual extreme eating awards on entrees from cheese cake factory denny's and applebe's. that's america's money, i am peggy bunker.
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a big move but the u.s. house on the debt reduction bill but it's move today on the debt show yount president is now waiting -- showdown the president is now waiting for. sherrie johnson has a preview of what to speculator today. >> reporter: well, debt talks will continue later today at the white house. the cut, cap and balance plan
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passed republican controlled house with ease but is not expected to pass in the senate. and the president has said whoa veto such a bill. but he did voice interest in a bipartisan plan proposed by the so-called gang of six. it is a bipartisan group of senators that crafted a plan that would include cuts to entitlements, medicare, medicaid, social security and close tax loopholes. some are concerned there's not enough time to pass the plan by the august 2nd deadline. house speaker says he wouldn't give up on the gop plan but acknowledged it was important to consider a plan b. >> gets his increase in the debt limit of 2.4 trillion dollars. and what we get are real cuts in spending and real reforms in place that will make sure this problem never ever happens again. >> my hope is we can start gathering everybody over the next couple days to choose a clear direction and to get issue resolved. >> reporter: president obama
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has not ruled out another plan propose by the senate minority leader that raises the debt ceiling up to 2.5 trillion through the 2012 election a new poll shows that 80% of americans are dissatisfied with the government. most of them place the blame on republicans. sherrie johnson, abc to news -- abc2 news. a little switch to a happier topic. a little baltimore orioles sports whooped up -- whipped up on boston owning a 7-game losing streak. lee and reynold hit success you will homers in the 8th the orioles pitcher gutherie gave up 8 hits and struck out 4 and walked one. he avoided his 14th loss of the season. justin. 6:13. and parts of northern ohio are soaked this morning following rain that left a few inches of water. look at this video from the cleveland area giving new meaning to the cleveland browns. water and mud covering homes
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and cars and a nearby sam's club left one big giant puddle. i think it's more like a small lake wouldn't you? needless to say, big problems out there with the flooding and storms that knocked out power to thousands of homes in the area. they are dealing with the heat that we are dealing with. and as the heat combined with the humidity and one of the things we look at locally is the dew point level, how much moisture is in the atmosphere. once it gees gets above 70 it's un-- one it gets above 70, it's uncomfortable. point at which we saturate the moisture in the atmosphere and develop into fog, that's really where we are at this morning. we combine that low 70 degree dew points with the 70 degree temperature in easton and 74 in baltimore. not much of a heat index this morning. we will get there. 76 pax river and dulles and there with the heat index of 80. here we go. hour by hour, we are expecting mid-70s to near 80 this
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morning. i've ajusted the time frame according to the computer model which did a good job yesterday calling the storms. and i think we got the shot of midday storms today through afternoon and evening. doesn't mean you all get it or there will be an 8-hour stretch of storms but there will be a stretch of at least potential storms in the region. heat index values will reach 105 to 110. the thermometer 95. that's not a record. record is 102 but it had feel like it. we are watching more storms. this cluster nice circulation nice outflow of sireous -- cirrus clouds. not a death impact on -- not a direct impact on us. the wind coming from the east off the chesapeake bay. everything may flare up and you will see the computer model indicate by around lunchtime showers and storms near the district of columbia. that's early afternoon, mid evening event. look for the the possibility of
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showers on the eastern shore tomorrow morning and not much relief beyond that. heat index 105 to 110 but the thermometer 59 with tomorrows developing -- storms developing tonight. near 80 downtown. and mid-70s for the rest of the us. upper 90s to near 100 by friday. feeling like 115. >> reporter: we are starting to get volume on the outer loop past liberty road and 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway. 795 traveling from reisterstown southbound is where volume s not too bad through owings mills towards the beltway. on 50 westbound at the bay bridge, a disabled vehicle that was in the right lane. that's been cleared out of the road. we have water main work in the city a water main break and repairs west franklin at academy road in the left turn lane which is closed. megan. health news, the next time a restaurant tells you how many calories are in your food, there may be a good reason to
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question them. that's because a survey found one in fivest is rants dishes had at least 100 calories more that was not listed. the worst phoneders olive garden boston market and outback steak how the along with chipolte. a recommendation by the institute of medicine that many women have been asking for. free birth control. the independent nonprofit organization says women shouldn't have to pay deductibles or copays forcontraceptives, sterilation or reproductive education. under most plans it's partiallycovered. department of health services are reviewing the report. new cutting edge procedures this morning that takes the fat from a patient's thighs and uses it for breast enhancement instead of silicone on saline. doctors describe it like reverse liveo suction and it's new patients like jill anderson
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are excited about it. >> i like the fact that it's all natural as far as instead of an implant or something else foreign to the body in the breast area, it's going to be my actual cells. >> doctors believe that this will give patient as more natural look and feel. all right. we have been talking about socker's lot in the news lately. -- soccer a lot in the news lately. >> and it was excited and the moment of the world cup you saw but check out this penalty shot. >> oh. >> impressive. >> show that again. the backward penalty kick. impressive. >> is that legal? >> i have no idea. >> in hockey you can't fake a penalty shot like that i don't think -- >> you know, what the way they
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kicked the goal it looked intentional so it was not like a backwards oops, i got it in there. >> i will take you going left and spin and kick it right. all right. stay with us this morning. tensions run high after the allegations of a hacking scandal involving news corps. >> they reached a boiling point in some parts of great britain. take a look at this. the testimony that was part physical and a lot mental when rupert murdock addressed the lawmakers became dramatic. new overnight, reports surfaced that the to bonn lead -- taliban leader is dead. what nato and taliban leaders are saying about the latest report this morning. it's time for today's birthdays. and papa austin turns 11. he is going into the 6th great in six weeks. we want to say happy birthday to you. have a great day.
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that smile. >> the picture of the day is cool. this comes from the united states diving into the pool, the prelimb marchy round that took place monday during day 3 of the world championships. the oriental sports center in shanghai chin a.m. if you have pictures-- china. if you have pictures, we would love to show it off. send it to morning show at give us the information so we can pass it along to everybody else. ♪
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not just smart. visibly smart. get an inspiron 15r with 6 gig memory and 640 gig hard drive for $599.99 at
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news around the world this morning the news corps chairman rupert murdock endured verbal blows and a pie in the face in front of the british parliament. >> he was there to account for accusation of illegal activities the reporters at his newspaper accused of hack cell phones. the hearing was interrupted when it appeared somebody tried
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to strike the 80-year-old with what appears to be a shaving cream pie. now the fbi is investigating murdock looking into weather 9/11 victims were hacked something he is denying. the taliban is denying reports the insurgeent group's leader is dead. the spokesman for the group tells the associated press a text message sent to journalists on his behalf was fake and resulted from a phone hack a second spokesman denies rumors of the death. [ chanting ] government forces and trucks disguised with rebel flags in libya shelled opposition positions yesterday. near a town that hold oil in the eastern part of the country. rebel forces have been pushing to take the front line of the city which is home to an oil refinery and terminal for nearly a week now. you think canada would be cool, but sometimes it is
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miserable. temperatures in many areas are reaching into the high 80s. and they are expected to get up into the 90s by today. add in humidity and it feels hotter. families are asked to make sure they drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and stay out of the sun so just as much of a problem north of us as well. >> it's a problem everywhere right now. law makers are using the -- usually the ones fighting crime. >> a lawmaker became a victim of a home invasion. who police arrested in the case. a man at a major league baseball game dies while going for a fly ball. the changes being made to one stadium that could prevent this from ever happening again. a baltimore city cop responds to a call for help and finds himself in the middle of gunfire. how the officer is doing this morning. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, che
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." an officer was trying to do his job but overnight doctors and nurses did a job of their own after gunfire left the officer hospitalized. i am parked on top of apressure plate with three ivs on it and launched the vehicle 10 feet into the air and ejected me from the vehicle. >> a new app for the ipad
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helping wounded veterans. texas is where the game is being played. >> texas governor rick perry has never lost an election in his life. now he is closer than ever to run for president. details on that and a lot more on this wednesday morning. but first a. code red heat alert. grab the water and sunscreen and stay in the shade. temperatures are babing maryland and much of the -- baking maryland and much of the u.s. some temperatures could see temperatures well over 100. you saw the kid in the stroller looking up at the sun. don't do that. >> it's hard not to. i know. but it's nasty out there. you might want to stay well hydrated and stay out of the heat. justin berk is tracking how warm it's going to get the next few hours. justin. >> it's going to warm up in a hurry. yesterday, we had heat index values in the 90s by 8 and 9 in the morning. we hit a high of 95 and we can thank the storms that blew through parts of the area for keeping that from go

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